Add Extra Shelves to Your Apartment with These Clever Ideas

This post shows you clever ways to add shelving to your home.

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Maximizing space doesn’t require magic – just a touch of creativity and the ability to add extra shelves to your apartment. Tiny apartment living – it’s a beautiful paradox, full of charm and… well, storage challenges. But before you resign yourself to a life of tetris-mastering and floor-based laundry piles, hold on!

Forget boring old cabinets; it’s time to think beyond the box (or rather, above it, below it, and beside it!).

Here are clever hidden shelf ideas that will transform your cramped quarters into a home that radiates organization and inner peace:

1. Above the Doorway

Don’t let that blank canvas above your doorways go to waste! Install floating shelves to showcase travel trinkets, framed photos, or a collection of your favorite novels.

Pro tip: add hidden LED strips for a warm, welcoming glow that’ll greet you like a virtual hug every time you walk in.

2. That Space Under the Stairs

Transform that awkward under-stair area into a cozy reading nook.

Built-in shelves for books, blankets, and a comfy cushion become your secret hideaway for quiet moments with a good book.

Imagine sipping tea, bathed in natural light, while the world rushes by above. Bliss.

3. Utilize Corners

Turn that unused corner into a mini gallery.

Corner shelves showcase artwork, sculptures, or potted plants, adding a touch of personality and greenery to your space.

Think mini jungle with air plants cascading down, or a curated art exhibit that sparks conversation.

4. Above the Sink Shelves

Don’t let that prime real estate above your sink go to waste!

Install open shelves for displaying pretty dishware, storing spices, or housing your favorite cookbooks.

5. Behind the Door

Turn the back of your pantry door into a mini spice rack.

Here’s how to turn the back of your pantry door into a spice haven:


  • Magnetic Spice Jars: If your pantry door is metal, you can utilize magnetic spice jars. These beauties simply stick right onto the door, creating a visually appealing and easy-to-reach spice rack.
  • Magnetic Sheet: Not all pantries are blessed with metal doors. But fear not! You can purchase a magnetic sheet that adheres to the back of your pantry door. This transforms your door into a magnetic canvas for all your favorite spice jars.


  • Stick-on Spice Racks: For a more structured approach, explore adhesive spice racks. These come in various shapes, sizes, and tiers. Choose one that complements your spice jar collection and stick it firmly to the back of your door.
  • Command Hooks & Shelves: Get creative with Command Hooks and miniature shelves! Stick a few rows of hooks on the back of your door and hang small shelves from them. This is a perfect solution for odd-shaped spice containers or larger spice jars.

6. Inside your Closet

Adding shelves inside your closet is a fantastic way to maximize space and keep your belongings organized.

Maximize the inner space of your closets by adding hanging shelves for storing shoes, bags, or seasonal clothing, or to completely keep your linen closet neat and tidy.

This keeps your floor space clear and everything easily accessible. No more digging through piles of sweaters to find that perfect summer dress!

7. Bathroom Shelves

Shelves above the toilet can be a great way to utilize unused space in your bathroom.

Ditch the bulky brackets and embrace sleek, modern floating shelves. 

They create a light and airy feel, maximizing visual space and making the bathroom seem larger.

8. Above the Bed

Above-the-bed shelves offer a treasure trove of potential, and while books and plants are classic choices, there’s a whole world of possibilities waiting to be explored.

It provides display space, reading light integration, and a minimalist aesthetic.

Maximize space with tiered shelves that offer levels for books, lamps, and even artwork.

This creates a mini library and a visually interesting focal point.

9. Entryway Shelves

A floating shelf above the coat rack becomes a catch-all for keys, mail, or sunglasses – a stylish transition zone from the outside world.

Imagine this: you waltz in, laden with groceries and keys, and instead of facing an avalanche of shoes and forgotten coats, you’re greeted by a sleek floating shelf hovering above your trusty coat rack.

This isn’t just any shelf; it’s a master of disguise, a chameleon of organization.

10. High and Mighty

Let’s face it, those lofty corners and empty expanses above doorways can feel like mocking reminders of unused potential.

But before you resign them to the realm of dust bunnies and forgotten dreams, hold on!

With a dash of ingenuity and some strategic shelving, those “high spaces” can be transformed into functional and beautiful spaces.

Out of sight, out of mind, but also easily accessible when needed.