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Bathroom Sink Organization Ideas (Perfect for Small Cabinets)

This post shows you the best small cabinet organization ideas.

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Why is the under-sink area in your bathroom important?

The under-sink area in your bathroom is important for a few key reasons:

Maximizes Storage Space

Bathrooms are often tight on space, and the under-sink cabinet offers valuable hidden storage potential.

It’s a great place to tuck away toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom essentials, keeping your countertops and shelves clutter-free.

Improves Accessibility

Frequently used items like towels, extra toilet paper, or hair care products can be easily stored within reach in the under-sink cabinet.

This makes your daily routine more efficient and eliminates the need to rummage through drawers or cabinets in other parts of the bathroom.

Enhances Organization

A well-organized under-sink area contributes to a more organized and peaceful bathroom overall.

By utilizing drawer dividers, shelves, and clear containers, you can prevent clutter from accumulating and create a designated spot for everything, making it easier to find what you need.

Conceals Plumbing

The under-sink area naturally hides unsightly pipes and plumbing fixtures, maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing bathroom environment.

Prevents Leaks

Keeping the under-sink area organized and clutter-free allows for easier access to plumbing connections. This can be crucial for spotting potential leaks early on and preventing water damage.

How do I organize my bathroom sink clutter?

You reach in for your favorite face wash, but all you find are forgotten bottles and unidentified containers. Don’t worry, this happens to the best of us!

This guide equips you with a step-by-step plan to transform your under-sink space from chaotic clutter to an oasis of organization.

Step 1: The Big Clear Out (Because Fresh Starts are the Best)

This first step might feel a little daunting, but it’s the key to transforming your under-sink cabinet from a cluttered mess to an organized haven.

Here’s what you need to do:

Empty Everything Out

Take absolutely everything out of the cabinet. Yes, everything!

This might seem overwhelming at first, but think of it as a clean slate. You’re creating a blank canvas for your perfectly organized bathroom essentials.

Embrace the Fresh Start

Taking everything out might seem like a big job, but it’s actually quite liberating.

Imagine opening your cabinet and seeing everything neatly organized and easy to find. It’ll be a breath of fresh air!

Sort as You Go

As you remove items, don’t just create a giant pile on the floor. Grab a few separate bins or baskets.

Here are some category ideas to get you started: makeup, shaving supplies, hair care products, and cleaning products.

Sort your items into these bins as you take them out of the cabinet. This will make Step 2 (categorize and conquer!) a breeze.

Step 2: Become a Master of Organization

Alright, so you’ve bravely tackled the Big Clear Out, and your bathroom treasures (and maybe a few forgotten relics) are laid bare.

Now it’s time to take control and become a master of organization with Step 2: Become a Master of Organization.

The Sorting

Spread out your bathroom bounty on a clear surface, like your countertop or bathroom floor (just be mindful of any spills!).

Grab a few baskets or bins and get ready to categorize your items into groups that make sense for you.

Here are some common categories to get you started:

  • Beauty Essentials: Makeup, skincare products, cotton swabs, cotton balls, makeup brushes, and beauty tools.
  • Hair Care: Shampoos, conditioners, styling products, hair accessories (think bobby pins and headbands).
  • Shaving Items: Razors, shaving cream, shaving gel, aftershave.
  • Dental: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash.
  • Bath Items: Bath bombs, bubble bath, bath salts, bath mitts.
  • Cleaning Products: Toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom cleaner, surface wipes, sponges, cleaning cloths.
  • Miscellaneous Must-Haves: First-aid kit, feminine hygiene products, guest toiletries.

Bonus Tip: Toss Expired Products

As you categorize, be on the lookout for expired products. Expired makeup can harbor bacteria and irritate your skin, while expired cleaning products might not be as effective.

Toss anything that’s past its prime and say goodbye to those mystery containers you can’t identify (seriously, it’s time to let go!).

Step 3: Lining the Shelves (Optional, But We Recommend It)

Now that your bathroom essentials are categorized and ready for their new organized home, let’s talk about the under-sink cabinet itself.

While this step is optional, it can make a big difference in the long run.

The Shelf Liner

Have you ever reached into your cabinet only to find a mysterious puddle at the bottom? We’ve all been there. Consider lining your under-sink cabinet with a water-resistant shelf liner.

This liner acts like a protective shield, safeguarding the cabinet surface from spills and drips. Here’s why it’s a great idea:

  • Easy Cleanup: Spills happen, but with a shelf liner, cleaning them up becomes a breeze. Simply wipe up the mess on the liner, and your cabinet stays protected.
  • Goodbye, Grime: Shelf liners help prevent dirt and grime buildup, making your next deep cleaning session much easier (we all know how those dark, damp cabinets can attract dust bunnies!).
  • Fresh Start Feeling: A clean and protected cabinet surface creates a more pleasant overall aesthetic. It’s like giving your under-sink area a fresh start!

Choosing the Right Liner

If you decide to go the shelf liner route, there are a variety of options available. Look for a water-resistant liner that’s easy to cut and customize to fit your cabinet space.

Consider clear liners for a more minimalist look, or choose a fun pattern to add a touch of personality.

Liners to Consider

Gold Geometric Cabinet Liner
Bathroom Sink Organization Ideas
Adhesive Liner
Bathroom Sink Organization Ideas
Clear Shelf Liner

Step 4: Install Lighting

Does rummaging through your under-sink cabinet feel like spelunking in a dark cave? You reach for your toothpaste, but all you find are tangled shadows and forgotten treasures.

Here’s a simple solution to brighten your under-sink experience.

The Power of a Little Light

Invest in a stick-on light or a battery-powered puck light. These little lighting heroes can make a world of difference in your under-sink world.

With a touch of illumination, you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re reaching for, even in the pre-dawn bathroom scramble.

Benefits of Lighting

Effortless Mornings

No more squinting and fumbling for your favorite products. A well-lit cabinet lets you grab what you need quickly and easily, saving precious time in your morning routine.

Farewell Frustration

Say goodbye to the frustration of searching blindly for your mascara or razor. With a little light, everything will be clear and easy to find.

Safety First

Improved visibility helps prevent accidental spills and fumbled product drops.

Benefits of Banishing the Shadow

There are a variety of stick-on and battery-powered puck lights available. Consider these factors when choosing the perfect one for your needs:

  • Size: Measure your under-sink cabinet to ensure the light you choose is the right size.
  • Brightness: Consider how much light you need. A brighter light is ideal for larger cabinets, while a softer light might be better for smaller spaces.
  • Style: Stick-on lights offer a sleek, integrated look. Puck lights often come with a magnetic backing for easy attachment to metal surfaces. Choose the style that best suits your cabinet and preferences.

Lighting Options

Under Cabinet Motion Sensor (2 Pack)
Touch Lights (5 Pack)

Step 5: Choosing the perfect storage solutions

Now it’s time to choose the perfect storage solutions to keep everything organized and easily accessible. But before you hit the store and buy a basketful of bins, let’s talk about measurements.

Knowing Your Space is Key

Grab a measuring tape and take a few key measurements of your under-sink cabinet. Focus on the width, depth, and height of the usable space.

Knowing these exact dimensions will be crucial when choosing storage solutions like drawer dividers, stackable trays, or hanging organizers.

Why Measurements Matter

Perfect Fit

Imagine neatly stacked containers or drawer dividers that fit like a glove. Measurements ensure you buy storage solutions that maximize your space without creating wasted nooks and crannies.

Goodbye Frustration

No more wrestling with containers that are too big or too small for your cabinet. By measuring beforehand, you’ll avoid the frustration of buying storage solutions that don’t fit.

Planning for Efficiency

Knowing the dimensions of your cabinet allows you to plan your storage layout effectively. You can visualize where to place taller items like shampoo bottles or shorter containers like makeup palettes.

Step 5.5 (Optional): Level Up with an Extra Shelf

While not always necessary, adding an extra shelf can significantly increase your storage capacity, especially in taller cabinets.

Here’s what you need to consider:

Check Your SPace

Carefully measure the available space inside your cabinet to ensure an additional shelf won’t hinder access to items or prevent the door from closing properly.


DIY Shelf Installation

If you’re comfortable with DIY projects, you can install shelf brackets and a cut-to-size wood or acrylic shelf.

Pre-made Shelves

Look for pre-made adjustable shelves that can be customized to fit your cabinet’s specific dimensions.

The decision to add a shelf is entirely up to you and your specific needs. If you have the space and require additional storage, it can be a great way to optimize your under-sink cabinet.

Step 6: Optimize Your Space with Storage Solutions

Now that you know your cabinet’s measurements and have your treasures categorized, it’s time to choose the perfect storage solutions!

Here are some ideas to maximize space and keep everything organized:

Invest in Clear containers

Invest in clear containers for various sized items. This allows you to see what’s inside at a glance, without having to dig through opaque bins.

These transparent containers allow you to see the contents at a glance, making it easy to locate your essentials.

Consider using stackable bins or drawers to make the most of vertical space.

Group items by category, such as skincare products, haircare essentials, or cleaning supplies, and label each container for added convenience.

Our Favorite Clear Containers

Stackable drawers (4 Pack)
Clear Jars (4 Pack)
Clear Organizer Bins (6 Pack)
Tall Stackaable Drawers (4 Pack)

Install Slide Out Shelves

Maximizing space in a small bathroom cabinet is a challenge, but slide-out shelves offer a practical solution. Slide-out shelves aren’t just about convenience; they’re organization champions.

By keeping everything neatly arranged and easily accessible, you can finally say goodbye to rummaging through clutter in your under-sink cabinet.

Easy to install, these shelves let you access items at the back without emptying the entire space.

Hot Tool Organizer

For hot tools like curling irons or straighteners, a heat-resistant organizer is a lifesaver. It keeps your tools stored safely and prevents them from tangling with other items.

Safety First

Hot tools reach high temperatures, and simply tossing them into a drawer can be dangerous. A heat-resistant organizer provides a designated spot for your hot tools to cool down safely, preventing potential burns or damage to other bathroom items.

No More Tangled Mess

No more wasting precious mornings untangling cords and searching for accessories. A well-designed organizer keeps your hot tools separated and organized, making it easy to grab the one you need without frustration.

Acrylic Caddy

An acrylic caddy on the counter or shelf next to your sink is perfect for frequently used items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, or razors. This keeps them readily accessible and adds a touch of modern style to your bathroom.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Keep your most frequently used items, like toothpaste, toothbrushes, or razors, readily accessible in a stylish acrylic caddy. No more hunting through drawers or cabinets for the essentials you need every day.

Clear Organization

Acrylic caddies are known for their transparency. This allows you to see everything inside at a glance, making it easy to grab what you need without rummaging.

Modern Bathroom Look

The clean lines and sleek design of an acrylic caddy add a touch of modern sophistication to your bathroom decor. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that perfectly complements your bathroom’s style.


Don’t underestimate the power of clear labeling! Printed labels for your bins, containers, or shelves will make everything instantly identifiable. This saves you time searching and keeps your organization system user-friendly for everyone in the house.

Step 7: Don’t Forget the Door!

We’ve conquered the cabinet itself, but there’s still more storage to be found! The back of your under-sink cabinet door is valuable real estate, and it’s time to put it to good use.

Here are some clever storage solutions to maximize every inch of space:

Over-the-Door Hangers

Expand your storage even further with over-the-door hangers. These versatile organizers can be used for a variety of items, depending on your needs.

Over-the-door storage solutions, such as baskets or racks, are perfect for holding items like hair dryers, flat irons, or cleaning cloths.

This keeps these frequently used items easily accessible while freeing up space inside the cabinet for other necessities.

Magnetic Strips for Metal Items

If you have metal grooming tools, such as tweezers or nail clippers, using magnetic strips can be a clever storage solution.

Attach magnetic strips to the inside of the cabinet door or the cabinet’s side wall to hold these items securely in place.

This keeps them organized and readily available, without taking up precious counter space.

Can I store towels under a bathroom sink?

Storing towels under the bathroom sink can be a good way to maximize space, but there are some pros and cons to consider:



Utilizes often-unused under-sink cabinet space.


Keeps towels within easy reach for handwashing or showering.


Moisture exposure

Bathrooms tend to be humid environments. Damp towels stored under the sink can become mildewy or develop a musty odor.

Reduced air circulation

Crowded cabinets can trap moisture and prevent towels from drying properly.

Potential for leaks

If there are any leaks around the sink or pipes, your towels could get damaged.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to store towels under the sink depends on your specific bathroom environment. If you can ensure proper ventilation and dryness, it can be a space-saving solution.

However, if your bathroom tends to be damp, it might be best to choose an alternative storage location for your towels.

Can I store makeup under a bathroom sink?

It’s generally not recommended to store makeup under the bathroom sink due to a few potential drawbacks:

Reduced Shelf Life

Exposure to heat and moisture can shorten the lifespan of your makeup, making it less effective or even harmful to use over time.

Potential for Spoilage

Certain makeup products, especially those containing natural ingredients or with minimal preservatives, can spoil faster in a humid environment.

Moisture and Heat

Bathrooms are inherently humid environments due to showering and bathing. This moisture can negatively impact your makeup products, causing them to grow bacteria, mold, or mildew. Additionally, heat lamps or proximity to hot pipes can melt or soften some makeup products.

Here are some alternative storage options for your makeup:

Cooler, Drier Location

Store your makeup in a bedroom drawer, vanity, or on a shelf outside the bathroom.

Makeup Organizer

Using a tiered organizer or cosmetic case on your bathroom counter can keep your makeup easily accessible without exposing it to constant humidity.

Beauty Fridge (Optional)

For temperature-sensitive products like creams or serums, consider a small beauty fridge.

Can I store toilet paper under a bathroom sink?

While it might seem like a convenient way to maximize space, storing toilet paper under the bathroom sink is generally not recommended.

Here’s why:

Moisture Makes a Mess

Bathrooms are inherently humid environments, filled with steam from showers and baths.

This constant moisture exposure can wreak havoc on your toilet paper:

Flimsy Factor

Moisture can weaken the toilet paper, making it lose its softness and become flimsy or even tear easily.


 In the worst-case scenario, dampness can lead to mold growth on your toilet paper rolls, posing a potential health risk.

Leaks Happen

Even minor plumbing leaks under the sink can go unnoticed for a while. Unfortunately, your toilet paper will be the first casualty, becoming soggy and unusable.